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Is it a GOOD idea?

Of course, it is a good idea—in fact, it is a great idea!

  1. No waiting in long lines
  2. More people vote…
  3. Social Distancing
  4. Convenient
  5. Safe

Just how BAD is it?

Just how BAD is it?

As the old saying goes, the BEST ideas are doomed to failure, and Vote By Mail has failure written all over it.

  1. How do ballots get to the people? The post office?
  2. The percentage of frauds skyrockets.
  3. Ballots are not received on time.
  4. Ballots are not filled out properly.
  5. Election results are delayed.
  6. Courts get involved.
  7. Elections get delayed for weeks or even months.


Once again, allow me to emphasize that Vote By Mail is a GREAT idea, but it is FAR from perfect—in fact, leap years away, and if it were adopted today, nationwide, without fixing the many problems it has, we will never have a fair and honest election again. Thus, the United States and its citizens will be doomed as far as the election process goes.

Has the time come?


Yes, definitely the time has come, but launching Vote By Mail (VBM) is not ready for prime time. Never lose sight that the main reason for VBM is to get more people involved in our elections, and everyone agrees we need more citizens to become involved, but the facts play a more important role, and these facts have to be dealt with. Here at Freedom Fate, we ONLY deal in facts and add what seems to be lost in Washington, common sense. We are a group of old-timers who have voted in elections for more than 50 years, we are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and we will cheer our candidate on. BUT we will NOT, under any circumstances, go against the Founding Fathers or our Constitution, and honesty, honor is front and center.

More coming soon…

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FIX it?

Now that is one tough question, and a short answer is impossible. But let us start from the beginning. Our election process, as it was designed, worked pretty well for almost 170 years Sure, we had a few hiccups, along the way, and yes, it can be better. I understand that Vote By Mail is mostly about getting more people involved in the voting process, but we cannot allow that system to destroy our country, and it will do so if a lot of problems aren’t fixed.

So, the question is, how do we get the citizens of the United States more involved in the election process, how do we turn out more voters? I think, based on years of research, we should take the Vote By Mail process and add an electronic digital faction to it. Basically, we should add the Mobile Phone to the equation. FYI, 96 percent of Americans has a mobile phone, most of which are smartphones, but my system can take the dumbest phone and make it work.

Will this basic Phone + VBM system eliminate all problems? Of course not, but it is a start—and a good start. For further information please go to our sister site: SecuringTheVote.Com